'Your Cause. . .

Our Strength'

As the Conduit for local Non-Profit organizations, Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation has Women In Black A Charity Task Force group. They help create, promote and volunteer for other Non-profit organization's with their fundraiser's in the valley.

To read more about the Women in Black ~ A Charity Task Force:

Your Cause.... Our Strength


Raising Awareness

Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation supports the community with the environment of faith, hope and promise by providing educational material for underserved youth by providing positive building blocks that will offset the constant negativity with academic support in the classroom with a language rich environment for children.

Past recipients: Ida Red Bird Elementary Carson Jr. High, Keno Jr. High and Guerrero Elementary Patterson Elementary, Taft Elementary, Sousa Elementary and Stevenson

Understanding the complexities of change through the implementation of programs and services, please take a moment and support our efforts. Click Here. . .

Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation is a 501 c (3) charity; the Foundation's mission is to implement direct improvement in the community by supporting schools in need of educational materials for empowerment.  VOTSCF is focusing on the critical needs of the youth as being the conduit for the community.  VOTSCF stays true to our commitment, responsibility, and stewardship; and operating with accountability and transparency.

Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation is taking a direct approach to enhancing the quality of life for underserved youth.  The educators will have the materials needed to provide the education needed to become successful.  This will stimulate the children's interests, knowledge, and experiences in life instead of a statistic of domestic violence and/or human trafficking.

Connecting Lives

With the Board of Directors and our volunteer staff, we are making a difference in our community with supporting Education and the Educators.