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Raising Awareness

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As the Conduit for local Non-Profit organizations, Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation has Women In Black ~ A Charity Task Force group. They help create, promote and volunteer for other Non-profit organization's with their fundraiser's in the valley.

To read more about the Women in Black ~ A Charity Task Force:

Your Cause.... Our Strength

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Human Trafficking - Supporting Education - Autism


Creating an environment of faith, hope and promise for the future, our services embrace the needs of those less fortunate. Building bridges to cross, that is the key to our success.

 Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation understands the importance of building bridges in the community, to serve the greater good of the residents who are indigenous to the areas that we serve. We embrace our purpose and mission to serve as the conduit or way of escape from devastation and lost hope, to a life of purpose, fulfilled dreams and aspirations.  Our programs are at the core of renewing, revitalizing and re-purposing the lives of those who only need love and a means to a better life