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"A Kind Gesture Can
Reach A Wound That
Only Compassion
Can Heal."

- Steve Maraboli 

Indoor El Tour Rules

Must be honest – The honor system applies.

Must ride a form of stationary bicycle: Lifecycle, bicycle on a trainer or rollers, hand cycle, spin bike, etc.  

Indoor El Tour can only be done between Saturday ,November 11th at 7:00am thru Saturday, November 18th at 4:00pm.

While riding your Indoor event, your legs must be continually moving in a forward direction throughout your time on the stationary bicycle.

Teams must have a team captain and each team member must indicate on the application the name of the team.  Please see - 
Team Award Description.

Riding for the record:  All record attempts must be observed by a pre-approved El Tour Official Monitor.

For an official record: after the first 106 minutes of continuous forward pedaling, participants may take a break for five minutes every hour then continue pedaling.  Any break longer than 5 minutes will end the attempt.

Rules for Teams are listed in
Team Award Description.

To be eligible for awards, participants must have an El Tour Official present and the Official must complete the Indoor El Tour Completion Form.

12th  Year of  Indoor El Tour - Perimeter Bicycling 

School Supply Fundraiser

Ride for minutes not miles! 

What is Indoor El Tour?

A cycling event without traffic or crowds where you don’t need a helmet or worry about crashing! Indoor El Tour can be done without leaving your house!  And, you can wear anything – even your birthday suit if you choose!  It’s an event to help you stay fit and healthy and one you can participate ANYWHERE in the World!   All you need is a stationary bicycle.


Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation is taking a direct approach by enhancing the quality of life for underserved youth by providing educators with the materials needed to be successful in the classroom.  We're providing positive building blocks for academic support with a language rich environment for children. The educators will have classroom materials to provide kids with the education needed to become successful.  This will stimulate the children's interests, knowledge, and experiences in life instead of a statistic of domestic violence and/or human trafficking.