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Award Information

  Individual Award Information

* Medallions to all Indoor El Tour Cyclists riding 10 minutes or more

All of the following Award Recipients will be posted on Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation website and Perimeter Bicycling Web site and listed in Tail Wind Jan/Feb issue

* 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Indoor El Tour Cyclist (given to the top three individuals who  
    rode for the longest time on a stationary bicycling)

* Youngest Male & Female Indoor El Tour Cyclist (any one male or female 12 and  
    under who rode for the longest time on a stationary bicycle)

* Most Distinguished Male & Female Indoor El Tour Cyclist (any one male and  
    female 65 or older who rode the longest time on a stationery bicycle)

* The Grand Fundraising Award – goes to any individual raising $1,000 or more for the Cause..

 Community Team Award  - Do Indoor El Tour as a team! 

* Get your friends, co-workers or neighbors together and register under one team name! 

* You pick the name!

* Encourage as many people as possible to join your team – minimum of 5. 
Select a team captain who will send in all registrations together and will make sure the team name is on each application
The Team Award goes to the one team that has accumulated the most minutes on a stationary bicycle

 Education Team Award 
This award goes the school that accumulates the most minutes as a group in Indoor El Tour.  A school includes students, faculty and/or staff of primary through college and/or vocational institution.

Rules are the same as “Community Team Award

Thank you for joining Indoor El Tour 2017.  May this fundraiser benefit you with great health.

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