​"Successful people, never reach their goal alone." 

- Jeremiah Stone

Diversity Builds Strength. . .

   'Your Cause. . .

Our Strength'

Our team is committed to the ongoing process of developmental partnerships between a Mentor, a leader with expertise in one or more areas, and a Mentee, an individual seeking learning and growth in a specific area. Each situation requires a diverse approach. The methods we have in place address the needs of each individual. For more info  Click Here.

. . .And Possibilities Create Opportunity.

"It Always Seems

Impossible Until

It's Done."

- Nelson Mandela

Just as a seed must be planted in rich soil, nurtured and cared for until it fully matures, so to must the life of any human being be tended to in the same manner. By giving love and attention along with positive direction, many lost souls can be saved in the process.

Faced with the challenge of being reintegrated back into society, a normal life and engaging with others in a positive environment and develop the individual's mind.

​VOTSCF partner with like-minded nonprofit organizations to bring a positive return on investment to the community. For more info Click Here.

Building Bridges to a Better Life. . .

Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation understands the importance of building bridges in the community, to serve the greater good of the residents who are indigenous to the areas that we serve. We embrace our purpose and mission to serve as the conduit or way of escape from devastion and lost hope, to a life of purpose, fulfilled dreams and aspirations.  Our programs are at the core of renewing, revitalizing and repurposing the lives of those who only need love and a means to a better life.

Education                                                   Mentoring