What Is Community Service?

. . .services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions, that create opportunities to enhance a person's quality of life.

Our holistic approach to community service, is based on the need to: support, encourage and empower cause related initiatives that are driven by those who are passionate, committed and focused on delivering both sustainable and measurable results to the community.

Our Focus. . .

The Foundation has concentrated its resources on the issues listed that impact our society as a whole. We are more than determined to make a difference.

  • At-Risk Youth
  • Children with Disabilities
  • Domestic Violence
  • ​Feeding the Homeless
  • Human Trafficking

For more info on our events or how you can volunteer Click Here. . .

"Alone We Can Do

So Little. . . Together We

Can Do So Much."

- Helen Keller

Changing a Life. . .

Making a Difference

Facing Challenges Together

The question comes to mind 'How can we as a community work collectively to make a serious impact on the challenges that are being faced each and everyday by those who do not possess the resources or assets to change their lives?'  Our response. . .Service.

Through our fund-raising events to support the initiatives presented, and the 'boots on the ground' spirit of let's get it done, the Foundation has developed partnerships, and collaborative relationships in the public and private sector to make a positive impact. However, we can't do it alone. For more info on how you can assist Click Here. . .

   'Your Cause. . .

Our Strength'